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seful Information about Carbide

Carbide Grade Chart. Manufacturing tungsten carbide is both a science and an engineered art form. The sintering and manufacturing technology has become an evolving technology for the past 100 years since the first production of the tungsten carbide molecule. CP Carbide has used its judgement to develop one of the finest lists of tungsten carbide graded for mining, construction, waste recycling, tooling systems. You can find the list attached by clicking here. The grades currently offered are produced using hot isostatic pressing, vacuum sintering, hydrogen sintering, recycled material, binders of nickel, chrome, and cobalt. Efficient manufacturing techniques are used such as N/C preforming green carbide shapes, complex pressing techniques using hydrostatic and Dorst style presses. High speed presses accommodate low cost pressing on small parts and extrusion offers a new dimension for parts of unusual length. Surface treating with salt baths and pre tinning enhances the braze joining of tungsten carbide to other metals using high strength filler material. A host of specific grades are available for client applications.