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Our History

A worldwide leader in cutting tool systems and components is born…. 


CP Carbide was established by the Mills family in 1995.   In 1998 the company began to diversify by offering forged steel wear parts and components.  The new offering expanded rapidly, and by 2000 CP Carbide had grown to become a leading force in the industry. 


Today at CP Carbide, we continue to grow and advance technologies.  By working closely with clients, we keep in tune with the markets and industries we serve.   We are constantly pushing forward to be a worldwide leader, and not simply a “me too” supplier.

Our USA Headquarters


Our Chino location houses our engineering-design, sales, marketing and administration offices for world wide distribution.  At this location, CP Carbide has a combined office and warehouse space of 14,000 square feet.  We are located in close proximity to the Port of Long Beach, California, the busiest ocean port in the USA.  We have a convenient loading dock for trucking and rail shipping to all cities in North America.  Inbound shipments receive secondary Quality Control checking in our modern QC facility.  The indoor loading dock offers privacy of material handling.  The fair weather conditions permit the warehouse storage of client goods for long time periods. 

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