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Our Policies Set Us Apart

A great partnership creates great products with great profits. 

You can be assured that we will do everything possible to work with you in creating quality and profitable parts. We protect your identity and maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.

Our foundation has been built on helping our customers develop profitable tool systems. For this reason we do not compete with you. We do not sell your products to the end user. We provide client logos and marking on tooling to make sure the end user knows you are the original equipment manufacturer.

We do what we can to keep cost and risk to a minimum. With a solid commitment we can avoid tooling fees. We also provide first articles for inspection before we run production. This eliminates any risk to you as we work together in developing new products. We provide written quotations that include all cost to you to get your products to your docks.

Communication is the key to a good relationship. We know you need to know the status of your products. This is why we offer "Weekly Order Status Reports". We also are always available to talk live regarding your products. Our staff is available and welcomes calls to discuss current and future products.

Remember we are here to help you compete, not compete against you.

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