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A bout CP Carbide Components

              Today the complexity of manufactured parts require high quality. CP Carbide has been a proven leader in areas of wear parts and cutter systems. Now the demand continues for CP Carbide to supply the same high level of quality goods for components of other adaptable systems. CP Carbide has filled this void. Machines and systems using the high quality cutter systems also require the same quality of materials to make the machines function at their highest level. Shafts, drivers, sprockets, chains, links, power transmitting, holding systems, and a myriad of accessories are necessary to keep the cutting systems running smooth.

Component Products

Products Offered by CP Carbide

  • Auger Mounts and Drivers

  • Bit Blocks

  • Block Bases

  • Riser Bases

  • Spin Shields

  • Bit Knockout Punches

  • Flat Cutter Holders

  • Roll Feed Spikes

  • Soil Mixing Holders

  • Clips for Bits

  • Trailer Hitches and Parts

  • Ball Gimbles

  • Tree Supports

  • Compost Turner Tips

  • Agriculture Tractor Parts

  • Tractor and Automotive "U" Joints

  • De-barking Machine Arms

  • Tire Wheel Chain Parts

  • Trencher Sprockets

  • Slide Hammers Weights

  • Tub and Horizontal Grinder Hammers

  • Automotive and Tractor Connecting Rods

  • Hoist Hooks

  • Machine Part Mounts

  • Circular Saw Blade Blanks

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