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A bout our Grinder Products

           Our grinder product features completely customized forged systems for all styles of OEM equipment. Our products are developed for the top OEM’s in the world. We use the most advanced materials and technologies on our products. The OEM can brand with his own logo with confidence. We protect the intellectual product so our clients can freely use us as a non-threatening supplier. Our clients can market at top price value to their clients. CP Carbide was the first factory to offer heat treated alloy steel forgings for maximum strength and performance. CP Carbide embeds the client part number into the product fashioned for the client so there is no mistake that the goods are our clients merchandise. Sharing engineering concepts have improved many of our clients goods.

Useful Information about our Grinder Tips

           CP Carbide uses the most advanced technology to forge our products. CP Carbide has the largest drop forge line for heavy part designs. The inspection techniques include 100% inspection by ISO9001 certified staff. Some of the steps include zyglo inspection for cracks, hardness validation. Care is taken to minimize normal forge errors and CPC forges with the tightest relief clearance, in fact many times our product is mistaken for investment cast material. Certifications are available upon request on all products CP Carbide sells. Our bulk packaging often helps our client speed up secondary operations performed at their workshops.

Component Products

Products Offered by CP Carbide

  • Horizontal Grinder Tip Blanks

  • Tub Grinder Tip Blanks

  • Chipper Holder Bodies

  • Chipper Cutter Knives

  • Feed Roll Spikes

  • Feed Roll Blanks

  • De Barking Tips

  • De Barker Holders

  • De Barker Roll Flighting

  • Fasteners for Grinder Tips

  • Washers for Grinder Tips

  • Lock Nuts for Grinder Tips

  • Striker Bodies for Grinders

  • Raker Bodies for Grinders

  • Hammer Bodies for Grinders

  • Chain Belt Components

  • Mulching Cutters

  • Multcher Holders

  • Bits and Picks for Grinders

  • Holders for Grinders

  • Swing Hammers

  • Flail Cutters

  • Carbide Tipped Cutters

  • Double and Single Hole Grinder Tips

  • Drum Side Cutters

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